Admit it, you’ve probably seen someone texting while driving. It’s pretty easy to spot a distracted driver. You may even be guilty of distracted driving yourself. With so many people constantly tuned in to their smartphones, texting from behind the wheel is all too common, but it is also a killer on our roadways.

Everyone knows that texting while driving is distracting and dangerous, but people often ignore the risks and do it anyway. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s analysis of 2009-2012 data found that while more than 80 percent of drivers believed it was completely unacceptable for a motorist to text behind the wheel, more than a third of those same drivers admitted to reading text messages while operating a passenger motor vehicle themselves.

Driving while distracted is more than just personally risky. When you text and drive, you become a danger to everyone on the road around you.

The best way to not get busted for texting while driving is to never do it in the first place. Always put your phone away before driving and save yourself the aggravation of getting a ticket.

You should never be embarrassed to do the right thing. It’s more embarrassing—and costly—to have a law enforcement officer stop you and call you out for your dangerous behavior. And it is an absolute nightmare to be responsible for causing injury or death to another human being.

Texting while driving is dangerous. Save your money, and maybe save a life—your text message can wait.