Copies of incident reports filed with the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department can be obtained through the Records Unit at Sheriff’s Department headquarters located at 521 Gibson Road in Lexington.

Crime victims can receive a copy of an incident report, free-of-charge, by submitting a request using the form at the bottom of this page. Other individuals wishing to obtain a copy of an incident report, must do so by visiting the Sheriff’s Department, and a small fee will be charged.

Incident reports are processed Monday – Friday (excluding government holidays). It may take up to three business days to process an online request. Requests for multiple incident reports can only be made at Sheriff’s Department headquarters.

If you have questions or any trouble obtaining a copy of your incident report, please call the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department at (803) 785-8230 and speak to the Records Unit.

Incident reports are emailed in PDF format. In order to view PDF documents, you must have Adobe Reader installed.

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You must be the victim of the crime for whom the report was written. (South Carolina Law provides that a report must be provided to the victim of a criminal offense without charge.)

You need the correct case number. Our case numbers are 8 to 10 digits long. The first two digits are the year with 6 to 8 digits after that.

Erroneous information will result in the request simply being discarded. We will not make attempts to correct the information.

We cannot provide reports involving juvenile or sexual assault victims. These must be requested in person at our office on Gibson Road in Lexington. You may also wish to contact the Victim Assistance Officer assigned to your case.

Submission of false information to obtain reports is punishable by law, and will be prosecuted.

The Sheriff's Department reserves the right to disregard any requests, at its discretion, without notice.

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