The phone number for the detention center medical unit is 803-951-3490.

Custody of a child born out of wedlock belongs to the mother. Per South Carolina Code of Laws Section 63-17-20 (B). “Unless the court orders otherwise, the custody of an illegitimate child is solely in the natural mother unless the mother has relinquished her rights to the child. If paternity has been acknowledged or adjudicated, the father may petition the court for rights of visitation or custody in a proceeding before the court apart from an action to establish paternity.” Allowing someone to babysit a child doesn’t mean rights have been relinquished.

If a couple is legally married, both parties have a right to the children.  Only a court order can change this. If one parent takes their child and leaves the home they have not committed a crime. We can certainly document these disagreements but we don’t investigate them as this is a family court matter. Family court has procedural information on the county website. You can also call 803-785-8212.

Listing the father’s name on a birth certificate doesn’t mean he has custodial rights if there is no legal marriage. He will have to petition the court for rights to the child. Just because none exist does not mean visitation rights won’t be granted, but you would have to go through the procedure of petitioning family court.

If you are legally married you have rights to the property of the other party. The only time this does not apply is if one party leaves the other and establishes a residence elsewhere. A spouse has no legal rights to a newly established residence after a separation. Only a Family Court judge can determine who owns what property. If you had property before the marriage, that may impact the judge’s decision but the judge is the person who determines ownership.

If you have a dispute over property (vehicles, property lines, etc) with someone who is not your spouse you need to petition the magistrate’s office in the area where the person who has the property resides.

If you are having a dispute with someone over property of a deceased person, you have to petition the Probate Court to get a determination as to who should have what property. The court has forms and instructions on the county website or call 803-785-8324.

Lexington County Sheriff’s Department doesn’t enforce HOA regulations or property disputes in subdivisions. These are civil matters that have to be worked out with the association or referred to the local magistrate.

If the person isn’t willing to leave when asked to do so, you must get a court order. If you are married to the person, you have to petition the family court for a judge to make a determination as to who gets to live in the house.

If you have allowed someone to stay with you and they refuse to leave, you must contact the magistrate’s office in your area in reference to an eviction. This applies even if the person has no signed agreement or wasn’t paying to stay there.

If someone is staying in a deceased person’s home and they shouldn’t be, contact the probate court.  There are forms and instructions on the county website or call 803-785-8324.

For all information regarding the detention center, including inmate visitation, telephone calls, inmate financial matters, etc:   Click here or call 803-785-2740.

Copies of incident reports filed with the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department can be obtained through our records unit, 521 Gibson Road in Lexington.

Crime victims can receive a copy of an incident report, free-of-charge, by submitting a request using the form at the bottom of this page. Other individuals wishing to obtain a copy of an incident report, must do so by visiting the Sheriff’s Department, and a small fee will be charged.
(Click here to request an incident report)

Non-ferrous metals recycling permits are issued in person at the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department, 521 Gibson Road, Lexington. Please bring a photo ID when you come to the Sheriff’s Department to apply for the permit. There is no cost for the permit.

Events needing road closures and traffic control within the Sheriff’s Department jurisdiction require advanced notice to ensure any safety concerns are reviewed and addressed. Our traffic division is required to have SCDOT approval to temporarily close a road. Therefore, we ask for a minimum of 60 days to process your request.

Please send the following information to Sergeant Brian Hinz to submit your traffic request:

1.) Full name and contact information for the organization sponsoring the event.
2.) Are they registered with the State as a 501(c)3 NON-PROFIT?
3.) Is the event sponsored or certified through any running association?
4.) Number of expected participants?
5.) Exact location you plan to assemble the runners, staff and park vehicles.
6.) Exact location of the start and finish lines.
7.) Detailed course layout to include which state-maintained roads will be affected.
8.) Detailed explanation of your safety plan.
9.) If you plan to use a school, ball field, parking lot or park: please include the name and contact information for the person you obtained permission from. 

Events are worked by off-duty deputies and are required to be coordinated by Detail Kommander. Please contact Lori Hayes to set this up: 803-785-2164 or email her here.

If you know where they are right now, contact our warrant division at 803-785-2499 during regular business hours. Please call the communications center at 803-785-2521 after hours.

Registration for sex offenders is available Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.   Sex offenders are often prohibited from contact with their victims but not necessarily other children. If you have concern about a dangerous situation, contact the communications center and request that a deputy respond immediately. If you have a routine question, contact our detectives at 803-785-2452. Be prepared to leave a detailed message and they will return your phone call.

Our evidence department will contact you to set up an appointment when the item has been cleared for release. This usually occurs after the case goes to trial. Any questions should be referred to the detective handling the case.

If the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department made the arrest, the registered owner must come to our headquarters lobby with a government-issued ID. This can be done 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Please keep in mind the tow companies charge a $25 a day storage fee in addition to the initial impound fee which is $150. If exigent circumstances were involved, this could result in a higher initial tow fee. The sooner you pick up the vehicle, the less it will cost you.

If any agency other than the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department made the arrest you must contact that agency for instructions on getting the vehicle.

If a vehicle is being held as evidence in a case by LCSD, our evidence department will contact you and set up an appointment when the vehicle has been cleared for release.