Stop, check & lock it

You’re running errands, bringing in groceries, heading back in the house to grab something—whatever the reason, you’ve left your car unlocked. Maybe you left a set of spare keys in the glove compartment as a backup. I get it, you’re busy and you shouldn’t have to lock your vehicle because it’s on your property. It’s […]

Creating Safe Communities

No part of the Lexington County community is immune to crime. But when it comes to keeping your family and your neighborhood safe, there are steps you can take to help us fulfill our vision to make Lexington County a safer place. ·        Know where your children are. Have your children tell you or ask permission before […]

Safety and security are key

You might be hitting the road this Labor Day weekend for one final trip before the students settle in for the school year. But, we recommend that you avoid announcing your travel destination and itinerary. We encourage you to keep your plans to yourself and only trusted family members and neighbors. It’s very tempting to […]