Lock Them Up

Warmer temperatures means more people are leaving the windows down in their vehicles and more people are leaving their cars running attended to cool off before their commutes. This equals multiple opportunities for thieves to get inside your vehicle and steal it. The best theft prevention method is to lock up your car and take […]

Safe Boating Week

As the temperature continues to rise, traffic at Lake Murray is ramping up. The lake is a large part of the high quality of life we enjoy here in Lexington County. With more than 650 miles of shoreline, thousands of boaters, skiers and campers visit the water during these summer months. Safety is a concern […]

Watch out for motorcycles

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and with warmer weather starting, you’ll likely see more motorcyclist on the roadways. I am writing to you this week to remind you how to “share the road” safely. In 2019, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports 5,014 motorcyclists were killed. Per vehicle miles traveled in 2019, motorcyclists […]

Stop before you lock

As the temps ramp up for the heart of spring and into the summer here in Lexington County, I want to take a moment to remind you of some heatstroke prevention steps to protect your children and other little ones in your life. National Heatstroke Prevention Day was May 1. In only 10 minutes, a […]