Everyone is a pedestrian

Sheriff Jay Koon Warmer weather means more people out and about. Whether it’s walking down a city block, a country road or a suburban sidewalk, everyone is a pedestrian at some point during the day. And like drivers, pedestrians have a responsibility to stay alert while traveling. This choice could mean the difference between life, […]

Think before you drink

Sheriff Jay Koon The first day of summer officially starts tomorrow and that means it’s time to gather with friends and family for cookouts and barbeques. For many, a big part of get-togethers is enjoying an alcoholic beverage. But, with the privilege of drinking comes great responsibility. Don’t think about it if you’re under 21. […]

Don’t chance it

Sheriff Jay Koon Summer storms and the start of hurricane season can bring a significant amount of rain and turbulent weather to the Midlands. As we’ve recently witnessed, many roads around Lexington County quickly flood and turn into hazardous driving situations. According to FEMA, it only takes six inches of water to cause loss of […]