8 tips to help your kids steer clear of cyberbullying

Our school resource officers are on the front lines of keeping our next generation of leaders safe. A large part of an SRO’s responsibility is to make sure students stay and feel safe when they set foot on school property. They hear and see so many things in their daily duties. Cyberbullying is one of […]

Drug-impaired driving is dangerous driving

Like drunk driving, drug-impaired driving is impaired driving, which means it is dangerous and illegal in all 50 States, Puerto Rico and Washington, DC. Whether the drug is obtained legally or illegally, drug-impaired driving poses a threat to the driver, vehicle passengers and other road users. If you are impaired by drugs and thinking about driving, […]

Let’s work together to create ‘safety culture’

Mutual trust and respect are key to a strong relationship between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. However, these days, being a law enforcement officer has never been more complex. It’s difficult, dangerous and sometimes, thankless – but, at the end of the day, it can also be most rewarding. When I swear […]

Make a sober designated driver part of your Super Bowl game plan

As Super Bowl LIII quickly approaches, I’d like to remind football fans that designated drivers are the best defense against the dangers of drunk driving. Super Bowl Sunday is a festive night across the country, but if your night involves alcohol, plan for a sober ride home. Even one drink can impair judgement. You should […]