How many gift cards can they get?

Every day, people lose their hard-earned money to phone scams. Fraudsters try their best to swindle innocent residents into believing fake stories so they will send them cash and gift cards. They frequently prey on the elderly. The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department will never call or text you and threaten to arrest you if you […]

Additional funds for more resources

While many agencies around the country are currently experiencing a decrease in budgets or staffing, things look a little different here in Lexington County. I am pleased to announce that through the hard work of our leadership teams, along with our ongoing relationships with County Council, we have added an unprecedented number of law enforcement […]

Community resources for everyone

A comprehensive list of community services, such as our resource guide, is a valuable asset to have in your back pocket. We were recently gifted with collaborative handouts from our friends at LRADAC, and made possible under an award from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. LRADAC, also known as The Lexington/Richland Alcohol […]