Investigators seek to ID suspects in financial fraud cases

Lexington County detectives have appealed to the public for help as they investigate a series of credit card fraud cases. “Multiple cardholders notified us last month after their cards were fraudulently used at various stores across Lexington County,” Sheriff Jay Koon said. “As part of our investigation, we’ve obtained still images of three individuals we […]

West Columbia man wanted for domestic violence, trespassing

Lexington County deputies are searching for a man after he fled from the scene of an accident involving a patrol car. “Kyser Holston was involved in two calls for service early Monday morning,” Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon said. “Deputies responded to a home on Mack Street in Gaston to check on what was called […]

Preventing crime goes online

Cyber crime affects all of us and comes in all shapes and sizes. Cyber scam artists drown us with spam– unwanted email that fills up our inboxes offering everything from cheap drugs, pornography, investment advice and get-rich-quick scams. Up to 80 percent of all emails are worthless junk that wastes your time or, if you […]

Two men arrested after car chase

Two law enforcement agencies and a private resident teamed up to take two men into custody this afternoon after the subjects led officers on a chase across southern Lexington County. A Gaston police officer activated blue lights and siren in an attempt to stop the two men. The subjects initiated the pursuit at Meadowfield and […]