The rural parts of our county have their own unique crime problems such as theft of crops, timber, livestock and expensive farm equipment.

Investing some time and money in crime prevention now can really pay off in the long run with better security around your property and less worry about crime and your family’s safety.

When you’re out and about, keep an eye on your neighbors’ homes livestock and equipment. Tell them and us about anything that makes you uneasy or suspicious.

Here are a few other steps that can help you reduce crime on and around your property:

-Check your doors and locks

  • Make sure outside doors in your home and outbuildings are solid wood or metal and have deadbolt locks.

-Check the outside

  • Keep your house, driveway, barns and other buildings well-lighted. Use timers that automatically turn on outside lights when it gets dark.

-Mark equipment

  • Marking your tools and other equipment with a personal, permanent number that only you know about can help us identify and recover your property if it’s ever stolen.

Starting a Community Watch program is always a great option no matter where you live. We’re always ready to help you get that underway. Call the Sheriff’s Department at 785-8230 or visit to find out more.