| Sheriff Jay Koon |

Patrol deputies respond to a multitude of calls for service all day, every day. With so many requests, these calls can consume an entire shift. But, there is also a need for deputies to be available on our roadways to make sure residents and those visiting the county are obeying traffic laws, maintaining appropriate speeds, wearing seat belts, utilizing turn signals and overall, driving safely. This is where our Traffic Division steps in.

These deputies are tasked with ensuring reckless drivers–who pose as a potential danger to you, your friends, your neighbors and your family–are taken off the road. Our Traffic Division is also responsible for finding and charging motorists who choose to drive impaired. Their ultimate job is to enforce the rules of the road and keep our residents safe so they make it to their destinations in one piece.

As part of this service to Lexington County, we post several locales, or Traffic Safety Locations, on our social media accounts every week. These areas highlight where our Traffic Division has scheduled increased patrols, and are in direct response to inquiries, concerns, requests and complaints we hear from the community. The locations are not driver’s license or DUI checkpoints. Deputies patrol the posted locations for inattentive drivers on these roads and neighborhoods; we will pull over those who are showing a disregard for the law by speeding or disobeying traffic signals and signs.

Our primary goal is to make Lexington County a safer place to live, work and visit, and it is our hope that our services enhance your quality of life in our community. If you see something that doesn’t look right and want us to check it out, please call our front desk at 803-785-8230. Together, we can keep this a great place to call home.