Sheriff Jay Koon
Sheriff Jay Koon

We’ve recently received several calls about a group of salesmen walking door-to-door selling products. While this type of sales isn’t illegal, falsely representing intentions and reputations is just wrong. It has come to my attention that these salespeople are informing residents that their companies are endorsed by our agency. This is not true.

The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department will never endorse products or services from private companies. We do not and will never recommend specific surveillance cameras or security systems to our citizens.

Additionally, our agency as a whole doesn’t conduct official business over the phone. We will never serve warrants or ask you to pay a traffic ticket over the phone. These type of phone calls are scams. If you suspect you are receiving a phony call from someone claiming to be from the Sheriff’s Department, please hang up and call our front desk, ask for the deputy or detective by name.

Never give out sensitive information over the phone or in an email to someone you cannot trust or verify. This includes Social Security numbers, bank account information and even addresses. Please remember that official government entities do not handle financial situations with gift cards. This is another clue the caller or sender is trying to extort you.

Scam artists target vulnerable citizens on a daily basis looking for their next victim. Trust your instinct and don’t give in to their attempts. If you have a question about or suspect fraud, please call: 803-785-8230.