Sheriff Jay Koon

Welcome back to school, students!

Most of you around the county are going back to school this week; new year, new challenges and new temptations.

Another school year brings about new opportunities and a fresh start. Maybe this year you’ll befriend a new kid or join a club, or this might be the year you’re striving to get straight A’s. No matter what your goals, you’re sure to encounter a lot of new things. Sometimes the feeling of the unknown causes us to have fear or anxiety about what we might face. Maybe it causes us to act out and make poor choices.

Choosing to uphold your values and morals when you’re faced with difficult decisions is what defines your character. When we decide to not participate in bullying or give into the peer pressure of drugs and alcohol, we are choosing to preserve our integrity and dignity.

How we live our life now impacts the success of our future. Consequences of bad choices can follow us for the rest of our lives. It might be tempting to do what your friends are doing just to fit in. But, how will these actions affect you in the long run?

Did you know your school resource officer is a really great asset to your school year and education? Each middle and high school (and some Elementary schools) has a deputy available to answer any questions you might have. Our SROs love to get to know their students and help them talk through difficult situations.

Over the next several days, parents will learn new traffic and drop-off patterns, bus drivers will learn new bus routes, and drivers will adhere to school zone limits. Please be patient and cautious during these times and in these areas so that everyone gets to their destination safely.

The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department wishes you a great year full of achievements and good choices!