We’re officially in the holiday season with Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year just over one month apart from each other. During these major holidays, many families, friends and businesses will be hosting parties and events. These are a great way to celebrate with the ones you love, but it’s important to celebrate safely.

When you’re at a holiday party surrounded by people you know, it can be easy to get comfortable and have a few drinks without keeping track. You might not realize you’re impaired and try to drive home. With the holidays being a common time for drinking, more deputies and officers will be patrolling the roads looking for signs of intoxicated drivers.

The holidays can be expensive when you’re buying gifts for others and it’s a normal feeling to want to save money as much as possible. However, a $30 Uber, Lyft or taxi ride doesn’t sound so bad when you’re looking at $10,000 in fines and legal fees for a first-time DUI offense.

If you’re planning to attend any holiday parties where there will be alcohol, take the proper steps to ensure everyone gets home safe. You can eliminate the possibility of trying to drive by getting a ride there. If you do drive to the event and plan to drink, schedule a pickup time with someone so it’s already set. If consumer more alcohol than you intended and aren’t sure if you’re OK to drive, err on the side of caution and call for a ride.