Certain personal items that have been forbidden at the Lexington County Judicial Center since 2015 will be allowed in starting Jan. 30.

“After consulting with Sheriff Jay Koon and his deputies who provide security at the courthouse, I’ve made the decision to allow cellphones, bags and strollers into the courthouse,” Lexington County Clerk of Court Lisa Comer said. “In this day and age, the public expects to be able to take their cellphone with them virtually everywhere. We know many people use their phone as a calendar and have important information on them that’s often a part of the business they’re doing at the courthouse.”

Any items taken in by a visitor are always subject to search by law enforcement officers, according to Comer.

“I’m giving the deputies full discretion to take any action they deem necessary to protect the safety of everyone who visits or works at the courthouse,” Comer said.

“Deputies will honor the clerk’s instruction and take every precaution as we screen items and persons entering the courthouse,” Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon said. “We’ll continue to use the x-ray machine and metal detector at the public entrance.”

Koon said guns, knives and any other items that could be considered a weapon are still prohibited.