Staying safe at work

When you go to work, don’t leave your crime prevention sense at home. Almost any crime that can happen at your home or in your neighborhood can happen in your workplace. As you read through the checklists, make sure the person responsible for your building, be it the owner, manager, or landlord, has taken care […]

Securing your home for Spring Break

Spring break is March 28 – April 1 for Lexington County students and teachers. This means fun, travel and a greater chance for burglaries. There’s a strong positive correlation between burglaries and warm weather. This means as the weather improves, so do your chances of being burglarized. The overwhelming majority of burglars enter homes through […]

Staying safe on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day has long celebrated the roots of 34.2 million Americans with Irish ancestry, and many more who just want to partake in the festivities. Tragically, March 17 has become one of the nation’s deadliest holidays. In 2014, there were 18 people killed around the country in drunk driving crashes on St. Patrick’s Day. […]

A safe place for in-person sales, trades

Selling goods online has become wildly popular in recent years. There are many websites and social media tools devoted to facilitating online sales. Selling online has quickly removed the need for third parties to help you resell items you no longer need or want. While using online services to sell things can be profitable, meeting […]