Keeping your child safe at school

With the end of summer fast approaching, I want to cover school safety in the next two entries here on my blog. For most of the year, children spend more time at school than anywhere else other than their own home. At school, children need a secure, positive and comfortable environment to help them learn. […]

Scammers striking again

Do you know when a scam is calling? We’re told people are receiving phone calls from scam artists pretending to be from the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department. The callers are reportedly telling people they will be arrested for various reasons unless they stay on the phone and transfer money using a prepaid card. They also […]

Warning signs of elder abuse

As the oldest Baby Boomers turn 70 this year, it’s a reminder that America’s population is aging like never before. Boomers hitting 70 and their counterparts from previous generations are susceptible to what’s come to be known as elder abuse. I’m not talking about financial fraud or someone taking advantage of a senior in a […]