Sheriff Jay Koon

As you might have seen or read all over the media, there has been a lot of talk about threats made toward schools and students in our county.

We take these threats seriously. Our agency works closely alongside the school districts to investigate the legitimacy of the threats made and to pursue charges against the offending parties.

Our schools are sacred places where our children and their teachers should feel safe; a place to learn and grow without the constant fear of harm. When a student makes a threat to hurt another student or staff member by way of bombs, shootings, stabbings, etc—we respond immediately. These types of threats are no joking matter.

We encourage parents, students or staff members to report any suspicious or alarming behavior to your school district or local law enforcement. Just with the recent threats, people stepped forward to report their concerns. They didn’t remain silent. This is a good sign—the process is working.

As our students head to school every morning, we expect them to come home the same way. And in this era of violence, we won’t take a chance. Let’s all work together to ensure the safety of our children. When in doubt, reach out to your school’s resource officer; they’re available to assist with any questions or concerns you might have.

Don’t take a chance—if you see something, say something.