The last week of school before spring break is always full of anticipation for students and teachers alike. Both groups know spring break is the last time to take a breath before that final sprint until the end of the school year.

strong correlation between burglaries and warm weather. As the weather improves, so do your chances of being burglarized.

The overwhelming majority of burglars enter homes through unlocked or loosely secured doors or windows. The majority of burglars also gain entry to a home through a simple tool like a screwdriver, pliers or a hammer.

Always make sure your doors are locked before leave home for spring break. If you’re heading out for a weeklong vacation or a day trip to the lake, locking your doors is the best way to protect your home against a break-in.

Another way to protect your home and belongings during is to keep your plans to yourself. Don’t post your vacation plans on social media before you leave. These routine updates don’t usually cause any harm but they do leave clues about our activities and plans.

Bad guys are searching for these clues to provide them targets for their next theft. Telling the world, or at least all of your Facebook friends, about your perfect vacation is fine, just do it after you return.