My heart goes out to the Dallas and Baton Rouge law enforcement communities. Like you, I am deeply hurt and saddened by what has happened in those cities.

These attacks on law enforcement have taken the lives of officers, injured others and forever changed those who survived after being targeted in these senseless acts. I, along with my deputies and the department’s civilian employees, send heartfelt condolences to our brothers and sisters in Dallas and Baton Rouge who continue to grieve the loss of fellow officers. They will remain in our prayers as they comfort each other and begin the healing process. Please continue to pray and lift up the families of the fallen officers and their departments.

We’re facing the most challenging time the law enforcement profession has ever seen.  Events like those in Dallas and Baton Rouge make it even more difficult.

While the loss of these officers might make you angry, as it has me, I hope and pray it will not broaden the gap between us and those we serve…you and others across Lexington County. I’ve asked community leaders for continued prayer, patience and support. I believe a good healthy dialogue between law enforcement and our community is essential for all of us to prosper. The unrest erupting across our nation has to stop. Our futures depend on it.

It’s my hope that these tragedies will prompt you to stand with us in law enforcement against the evil in our world.