Drunk driving has become a national epidemic. Each year, drunk-driving crashes kill more than 10,000 people in America. We’re working with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration this holiday season to reach out to all drivers with an important message about this deadly, preventable crime because Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving.

 Let’s say you go to a holiday party, you stay a few hours and have a few drinks. When it’s time to go, you think to yourself, “I’m fine to drive. I’ve only had a few drinks, and I barely feel buzzed.” You get in your car and drive toward home. This act places you at risk of facing the consequences of drunk driving. Buzzed driving places you and others on the road in danger of a crash; or worse, death. Designate a sober driver.

 So next time you’re going to drink, do us all a favor and make a plan to not drive. Some simple ideas: leave your keys at home or give them to a friend; designate a sober driver who isn’t drinking at all; tell others your intentions about driving and stick to the plan; and most importantly—once you’ve had anything to drink, do not drive.

 Please remember to stay safe as you ring in 2016 by driving sober or by designating a sober driver.