| Sheriff Jay Koon |

Have you ever had to call 911 for an emergency? And your panic was met with the calming voice of a public safety telecommunicator?

This week, we are celebrating and honoring telecommunicators and dispatchers across our nation, and more importantly, those in the Lexington County Communications Center. These men and women play a vital role in coordinating emergency and nonemergency communications when our citizens, visitors, deputies, firefighters and paramedics need them the most.

Not only are they responsible for ensuring you get the emergency help you need when you need it, they’re also responsible for dispatching first responder units to the appropriate locations.

Telecommunicators serve as the link between police, fire, EMS and you. In fact, they also maintain records and provide medical pre-arrival instructions to assist callers in giving help to the sick and injured before medical personnel arrive.

Lexington County Communications is also responsible for dispatching and monitoring the safety of 20 agencies full-time and four agencies after-hours. LCCC operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customer service is their top priority.

You can learn more about them and apply to be a call taker here:

To all of the Lexington County telecommunicating professionals: thank you for your hard work, dedication and service to our community. Here at the Sheriff’s Department, we couldn’t do what we do without you!