Ever wondered what it was like behind bars? One of our newly promoted employees says it might not be what you think it is.

As a child, Ormica Thomas knew she wanted to be like her mother, who worked in corrections.

“I thought it was great, especially for a female to be able to be in that field during that time, I just thought it was awesome,” Thomas said. “It was something that I wanted to mimic, something that I wanted to do.”

As Thomas got older, she ended up working in children’s daycare, but realized she couldn’t continue ignoring her calling. A few years ago, she made it her goal to become a corrections officer.

“My first director, she said, I didn’t think you were going to make it, she was like you’re not cut out for this,” Thomas said. “I proved her wrong.”

Thomas was hired by the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department in 2014, and in only two years, she’s worked her way up to field training officer over corrections

She’s now encouraging others to consider a field that’s often overlooked.

“You have more of an actual interaction with the inmates or the detainees, and it’s more like a difference maker,” Thomas said. “You can actually verbalize, talk to them, speak to them, show them. It’s like a counseling, more or less, I think.”

It’s one thing to enforce the law, but Thomas says it’s truly a rewarding career to set inmates on a new path.

“A lot of them, they feel like they have no hope and this is just a way of life or whatever. I think we, as correctional officers, can give them that hope that there’s something better,” Thomas said.

If you’re interested in becoming a corrections officer, head to our employment page to apply for one of our job openings. We start at $36,891 per year (plus benefits) and Ormica Thomas may just be your trainer!