A Lexington woman has been charged with homicide by child abuse in the death of her infant daughter.

Heather Marie Lawson, 22, of Lexington failed to provide her 7-month-old baby necessary health care after the child was injured Saturday in a fall, according to an arrest warrant served by Lexington County Sheriff’s Department investigators.

“Our investigators have determined Ms. Lawson didn’t tell anyone about the injuries to her daughter and didn’t check on her for several hours before discovering the child had died Sunday afternoon,” Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon said.

Koon said Lawson was the sole person responsible for the child’s well-being.

Lawson is being held in the Lexington County Detention Center after a judge denied bond Monday afternoon.

Under South Carolina law, homicide by child abuse is a felony. A person who is found guilty or pleads guilty to the subsection under which Lawson has been charged may be imprisoned for life but not less than a term of 20 years.