LEXINGTON, S.C. – Lexington County deputies have charged two teens with possessing an explosive device last week at a school while students were not present.

Ted Miller

Ted William Miller, 18, is charged with possession of an explosive device, according to arrest warrants. The second teen, whose name will not be released because he is under age 18, is charged with the same crime.

“Based on information detectives have confirmed during their investigation and interviews with the suspects, the two teens took a sealed Mason jar containing gasoline that featured a T-shirt as a fuse to Pleasant Hill Elementary School Jan. 29,” Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon said. “They climbed up on top of the school and threw the device on the parking lot, which caused an explosion.”

The two teens turned themselves in Monday night after seeing a social media post and news coverage about the incident, according to Koon.

Miller was arrested and booked into the Lexington County Detention Center. The second teen was released to his parents. His case will be heard in Lexington County Family Court.