LEXINGTON, S.C. – Sergeant Kaaren Miller did not take the traditional route to a law enforcement career: she earned a couple of college degrees in music.

Miller then worked a variety of jobs before a friend recruited her to a local law enforcement department. He saw potential in her and took her for a “ride-along” in a patrol car.

Miller was hooked instantly.

Sgt. Kaaren Miller (photo: Sarah Alexander)

“After one night of pounding the streets with a bunch of cops, I realized this profession had all the different components that I had been trying to fit together,” Miller said. “It was history from there.”

The components Miller referred to were a blend of skills like interpersonal communication, athletic skills, technical skills and listening skills. She used these skills in her first position as a patrol deputy and worked her way up to the major crimes unit as an investigator.

Miller then worked as a detective in the property crimes division and was promoted to training sergeant in 2022. She is also on the crisis negotiators team, which has opened up new avenues of learning, experience and opportunities in her career.

“I’m very grateful for all of the different opportunities within the department to specialize and expand at the same time,” Miller said. “The training here has been outstanding. We are always expanding, keeping pace with the current events, the current challenges in law enforcement.”

Meet Kaaren (Lexington County Sheriff’s Department – YouTube)

While Miller is grateful for the opportunity to advance in her career, she also takes pride in her co-workers at the Sheriff’s Department.

“One of the aspects I value most about working with the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department is the people who I work with and have the pleasure to serve with,” Miller said. “The folks that I work with here have the highest level of integrity, of professionalism, of training and experience and commitment to what they do.”