VIDEO: 8 years later, shooting victim’s mother still waiting for answers

On Sept. 24, 2009, Debbie Powell received a phone call from someone telling her that her son, Andy, had been found dead in his home on Goodwin Road in Gaston and his prized dragon necklace was stolen. “You give birth to this child and you raise them for 21 years,” Powell said. “Then somebody goes […]

October is National Crime Prevention Month

As September closes out, I’d like to remind you that October is National Crime Prevention Month. The National Crime Prevention Council designated it as such in 1984. Since then, many organizations and agencies have been working to educate the public on practicing ways to prevent crime to help make our communities safer. Prevented crimes are […]

Inhalant abuse can kill

Marijuana seems to be in the headlines a lot lately and that’s understandable. It’s a drug that’s available – not to mention accepted – in many places and settings around the country. I want to share with you in this entry to my blog about something else people are using to get high: inhalants. Products […]