May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

In recognition of May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, I’m reaching out to Lexington County motorists and motorcyclists alike, encouraging them to “share the road” in order to reduce motorcyclist deaths and injuries. A key way we can reduce traffic fatalities and keep our roads safe is for drivers to understand motorcycle safety challenges such […]

Leesville woman charged in hospital accidental shooting

A concealed weapon charge has been filed against a woman in connection with the discharge of a handgun inside Lexington Medical Center. Angelia Swygert Hawes, a 58-year-old concealed weapons permit holder from Leesville, is charged with carrying a concealable weapon into a restricted place. South Carolina’s concealed weapons permit statute notes a “hospital, medical clinic, doctor’s […]

Lexington County man charged with murder in son’s shooting death

A family argument has resulted in a father fatally shooting his son at their Gaston home late Tuesday afternoon. “Based on our investigation, this was an argument between family members that escalated into a confrontation and ended with a fatal shot,” Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon said. “Our detectives made an arrest near the home […]

Thoughts on my first year as sheriff

Last month was full of the well wishes and questions that one gets at a milestone. It marked one year since I was sworn in as the 39th sheriff of Lexington County. Whether it was small talk or community events, so many people asked about how things were going at the Sheriff’s Department after one […]