Just as President Ronald Reagan did 37 years ago with a presidential proclamation, I’m encouraging you in this edition of Koon’s Watch to recognize the contributions of the correctional officers to our county.

Next week is National Correctional Officers and Employees Week. We’re marking the occasion with special lunches and events for those who serve in the Lexington County Detention Center.

Their job is very difficult, and at times dangerous. The role they perform is essential to the day-to-day operations of the Lexington County Detention Center and the care and control of its inmates.

The correctional officers who serve here in Lexington County are owed a tremendous debt of gratitude. They put their health, safety and lives on the line every day to maintain public safety, to reform and rehabilitate our county’s offenders and perform many other duties.

Our highly devoted corrections personnel do more than “guard” inmates. They treat, counsel, train, teach and rebuild lives. They give hope and make a difference.

I commend all those who serve or who have served in and throughout the corrections profession. Please take time this week to acknowledge and thank those you know who work in the corrections field for their role in protecting the people of Lexington County. #correctionsweek