|Sheriff Jay Koon|

Lake Murray is a big part of the high quality of life we enjoy in Lexington County. With more than 650 miles of shoreline, thousands of anglers, boaters, skiers and campers take to its waters during these summer months, especially during the upcoming Independence Day weekend.

With a fireworks display Saturday and a boat parade scheduled for Sunday, safety is a major concern. That’s why our Marine Patrol deputies will be on the water and ready to respond to emergencies onboard and near vessels, and near the shoreline.

As they proactively patrol the lake in their LCSD-marked boats, they always share these tried and true safety tips:

Have a float plan, which includes:

  • What type and color of vessel (boat, pontoon, personal watercraft)
  • Vessel registration number
  • What time you’re leaving
  • Where you’re going
  • What time you’re returning
  • Number of people on your vessel
  • What type/color of clothing everyone’s wearing

Use life jackets

  • Each person must have a corresponding life jacket that properly fits.

Remember the “Stay Rule”

  • Stay afloat
  • Stay still
  • Stay with the vessel
  • Stay as dry and warm as you can

If you need us during your lake outing, contact our Marine Patrol unit by calling 9-1-1 for an emergency. Of course, you can also spot and wave down our LCSD-marked boats for non-emergency situations.