In my previous blog entry, I covered the topic of cyberbullying and the ways you can bring up the topic with the young people in your life.

It’s an issue we as adults need to know about and get involved with because we have the power to prevent it.

In the same way we guide the children we care about away from certain people and locations that might not be the best influence on them, we must do the same when it comes to their online acquaintances and digital hangouts.

I share the tips below with you in an effort to help keep everyone safe from the threats that can enter our homes and lives by way of our computers or smartphones.

  • Keep your home computer is a busy area of your house.
  • Keep smartphones out in the open and in common areas of your home.
  • Set up email and social media accounts with your children. Make sure you know their screen names and passwords and that they don’t include any personal information in their online profiles.
  • Regularly go over their social media “friends” list with them. Ask who each person is and how your children know him or her.
  • Discuss cyberbullying with your children and ask if they have ever experienced it or seen it happen to someone.
  • Tell your children that you won’t blame them if they are cyberbullied. Emphasize that you won’t take away their computer or phone privileges – this is the main reason children don’t tell adults when they are cyberbullied.

Having conversations about cyberbullying before any problems arise can set the tone and show the students in your life that you’re open and will be helpful if they need you.