We had a great community event Sunday night at Mount Horeb United Methodist Church. Lexington School District One Superintendent Greg Little, Acting U.S. Attorney Beth Drake and representatives from the United States Drug Enforcement Administration joined me at a screening of “Chasing the Dragon.” The FBI and the DEA produced the documentary film to warn young people and their parents about the dangers of drug addiction.

Scotty and Susan Mill (watch their story here) were also a part of the night’s program as they shared the story of how addiction has affected their family and their plan to help other people who face the same struggle.

Members of the panel and the Mills used the phrase, “Have a conversation…” throughout the night. We all wanted parents to leave the church that night and have a conversation with their kids about the movie and how addiction can take over their lives.

I encourage you to have that conversation too. Here are some things to remember before you sit down with your child:

  • Short discussions go a long way. Ask what they know, how they feel, and what they think about drugs and addiction.
  • Educate yourself about alcohol, tobacco, and drug use before talking to your children. Watching “Chasing the Dragon” on YouTube is a great place to start.

Prepare to explain that it’s against the law for a child or teen to use alcohol or cigarettes and that using drugs is always illegal—for good reason.