Teen drivers might receive information on safe driving rules and techniques from school, driver education or graduated driver licensing programs, but family conversations about safe driving behaviors can make a huge — and potentially, lifesaving — difference.

That’s why I covered the first three rules of the road for teens last week.

  1. Don’t drive impaired
  2. Buckle up – front seat and back
  3. Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel

The second three rules are just as important. As we prepare to mark National Teen Driver Safety Week next week, these serve as reminder to regularly talk to teens about the risks they face while driving or riding in a vehicle, and to enforce the rules of the road.

Follow the Posted Speed Limit. Speeding is a critical issue for all drivers, especially teens. Remind your teen to always stay within the posted speed limit, weather and road conditions permitting.

Passengers. Passengers in a teen’s car can lead to disastrous consequences. The likelihood of teen drivers engaging in risky behaviors triples when traveling with multiple passengers.

Avoid Driving Tired. Teens are busier than ever studying, extracurricular activities, part-time jobs and spending time with friends are among the long list of things they do to fill their time. Make sure your teen gets a good night’s sleep; their grades, their friends, and other drivers will thank them (and you!) because they’ll be safer on the road.

Parents, educate and remind your teen drivers about these rules to reduce road risks. And remember, before handing over the keys, make sure they know and understand them.