Many families are planning to take a last-minute trip before the busy holiday season, but their excitement to announce their plans might make their property a target for criminals. It might seem normal and harmless to tell your social media followers you’re planning to leave town, however those posts can often be seen by the wrong people.

We recommend posting photos and details about your trip once you’re back in town. This way you’re not announcing your home is unattended for an extended period of time, but you can still show your friends the things you did on your trip.

When you do head out, make sure you clear out or put away any valuables from cars that will be staying in your driveway. It’s not unusual for us to see an upward trend of car break-ins this time of year, and you never want to give a burglar an idea of what might be inside.

If you plan to be away more than a few days, ask a neighbor to take in your mail or periodically check on your house so it’s not obvious that it’s vacant. If you don’t have someone who can do this, you can always call us at 803-785-8230 as part of Project Property Check. Our deputies can come by and make sure your home is safe, letting you relax without worry. That’s the point of vacation, right?