|Sheriff Jay Koon |

While many agencies around the country are currently experiencing a decrease in budgets or staffing, things look a little different here in Lexington County.

I am pleased to announce that through the hard work of our leadership teams, along with our ongoing relationships with County Council, we have added an unprecedented number of law enforcement position upgrades and new positions with a minimal tax increase to our community this year.

The additional positions will provide more resources in much-needed parts of the county.

Irmo will be getting a second Resident Deputy. The resident deputy program provides an invaluable opportunity to have a deputy assigned directly to specific communities. They are familiar with neighborhoods and residents, and the specific issues they may be facing. Resident deputies do not work typical patrol shifts and are readily available to assist with community needs.

Two additional deputies will be assigned to the South Region to adapt to the growing population. West Region will receive four additional deputies due to the increase in residents in the area. We are also allotted funding to provide Lexington School District One with two additional School Resource Officers.

And among a few other additions and upgrades, three additional investigator positions on our Crime Reduction Unit have been added. CRU proactively investigates violent repeat offenders in Lexington County, concentrating on violent offenders who use and carry firearms.

Lexington County is growing and we are dedicated to making it a safer place for all to live and prosper. We are extremely fortunate to serve such a supportive community.