| Sheriff Jay Koon |

As a community, we are facing an unprecedented time in our lives with the outbreak of COVD-19. Many folks have had to adapt to working from home, kids schooling at home, and citizens being told to social distance for an unchartered amount of days.

But, I have also seen our community come together during this time. Neighbors checking on each other, people bringing supplies to our elderly population, families supporting small businesses and ordering take out from restaurants. These are the type of activities that really showcase how strong our community is and how we can get through the chaos we may encounter.

While we can’t predict what’s next or when we’ll be able to go back to our old ways of living; we can ensure that each of us in Lexington County is doing our part to protect our neighborhoods, keep our families safe and make sure that we come out stronger than before.

There are many resources now available from trusted websites to help you best prepare your home and family during this pandemic. I find information from CDC.gov to be beneficial on how best to disinfect your living and work spaces. The sections on symptoms and testing is also very informative. The most important thing to remember is to gather your facts from official sources like government entities. What we don’t need during this time is the spread of false and misleading information that only leads to greater panic and distrust.

While we, as an agency, may have had to make some slight changes to our day-to-day operations in the fight against COVID-19, we’re not going anywhere. Your sheriff’s department is here to serve and protect the citizens of Lexington County and you can always call on us when needed.

Stay safe and healthy.