4 steps of gun safety every child needs to hear

Being a parent or grandparent means we sometimes have to take part in tough conversations with the young people in our life.

One of those important conversations I strongly recommend you have with the young members of your family centers on what they should do if they come in contact with a gun.

For younger children, that could mean coming across an unsecured gun as they play explore around the house. For teenagers, it could mean a friend flashing a gun around in a social setting.

Telling all the younger members of your family what they should do when a gun is in their midst could save lives. I recommend sharing these two steps:

  • If you see a gun, follow these four steps: 1. Stop. 2. Don’t touch. 3. Get away. 4. Tell an adult.
  • When you follow these steps, you’re protecting yourself and helping to keep other people safe.

Here are some tips about what to do in specific circumstances:

  • Walk away and tell a parent if your friend shows you his parent’s gun.
  • Tell an adult immediately if you see a gun in someone’s backpack at school.
  • Tell a trusted adult if you hear a girl or boy say that she or he is going to bring a gun to school.
  • Follow the four steps mentioned if you find a gun in the park by your house.

If you’re not sure why a gun is dangerous, talk to a parent about it.