What started out as a hobby for Kelly Reci several years ago is now a successful blogging website, Kelly’s Thoughts on Things. As she gained more followers, more toy companies wanted to send her free toys for review.


“I have little nephews and friends, so I was writing about the stuff and then giving it to them,” Reci said. “But then three years ago, we had a shed full of stuff. I was saying to my husband, I don’t know what we’re going to do with all this stuff, what am I going to do? I need to find somewhere.”

A chance encounter with a Lexington County deputy outside a store turned into a partnership. Reci gives the toys to us, and we bring them to local organizations that identify families in need. Despite the fact Reci could make a lot of money off items such as hoverboards, aquariums and Barbie cars, she said that wouldn’t be doing the right thing.

“Growing up, it wasn’t easy for my parents, it was four of us. I know how it was being young and not having a lot,” Reci said. “It’s just me, I like to give back a lot. It doesn’t matter. I even pay back during the year for somebody’s meal or whatever I can do. If I have extra, I’m going to give it.”

The New Jersey native believes wherever you live is your community and you do what you can for those around you.

“It feels good to know that some kid’s going to wake up Christmas morning and Santa came. That just feels really good.”