LEXINGTON, S.C. – A Lexington High School student is charged with making a direct threat against students at his school.

The student, whose name will not be released because he is under age 18, made a statement on a social media app that included a threat to “shoot up the school,” according to an incident report.

“The FBI became aware of the threat early this morning after receiving a community tip,” Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon said. “Agents alerted us and we followed up with an investigation based on our standard procedure when these come in.”

Deputies and FBI agents interviewed the student and his family members at his home before he left for school this morning, according to Koon. Deputies said the student, who was never on the Lexington High campus Friday, was motivated by a social media trend to disrupt classes during the final day before winter break.

“The safety and security of all who learn and work at our county’s schools is one of our top priorities,” Koon said. “We’re committed to investigate such threats and we’ll always take them seriously.”

The student was released to the custody of his parents after being charged. He will appear in Lexington County Family Court at a later date.